About Raman Swamiji

Raman Swamiji, the great and matchless divine charm of Love enlightens all people about the basics of morality and spiritual problems, difficulties and worries shall be removed as soon as they step into his Sannidhi (Ananda Dwaraka) or even before that when they just remember him in the moment of their agony and helplessness.

Sri Swamiji Sannidhanam at "Ananda Dwaraka", Chinnathirupathi. Everyday hundreds of people gets Swamiji Darshan and solutions for their entire life problems. Swamiji always says life is a two sides of a same coin. Human life falls under two major divisions' Fortunes and Misfortunes.

Fortunes includes success in every line-health, personality, success in politics, financial gains, good education, mental strength, bodily health, good wife, dutiful children, sympathetic friends and understanding relationship.

Misfortunes include incurable diseases, failure in business, over debts, problems in marriage life, childlessness, poverty, enemies, fore generation curses, serpent curses, women curses and all other problems.

Ask a question to Swamiji

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I am struggling by number of problems. I heard about your instant prayer miracle through thousands of people got spot solutions being benefited by spiritual and material wise.


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Whatever you desire will be fulfilled when you come here with full faith.

Sit quiet I will do the needful. I will take you to the goal.

Blessing & Divine Touch

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There is no bar of Caste or Race to secure the grace of Sri Swamiji. People of all castes and religions visited him and are being benefited materially as well as spiritually.