Sevvai Dosham

The position of Venus and Mars is very important in Judging the martial relations. Mars whose nature is fire rules marriage. When he is badly situated or associated within the horoscopes of the male or the female. It fallows the fire gets extinguished soon. Such unfortunate situations go under the name of Kuja Dosha or Manglik  Dosha. It is firmly mentioned in Kerala Sastra that "If Mars is in the 2nd, 12th, 4th, 7th or 8th houses in the horoscope of the females an early death of the husband will occur similar situations in the husband’s horoscope cause the early death of the wife!"

The 2nd house signifies family the 12th represents comforts and pleasures of the couch, the 4th indicates sukham or happiness, the 7th indicates husband and the 8th represents longevity of the Mars in these houses I supposed to produce this peculiar dosha or evil. if Kuja dosha (Mang lik dosha) is present in both the horoscopes , the doshas gets cancelled, frequently  asked questions is Manglik dosha so harmful, definitely same high degree of doshas gives greater disturbance in the family. In my humble experience the great advice for relationships the conjunction of Mars and Venus and its various positions in particular Astrological signs and other Manglik doshas exceptions.

Swamiji nullifying these types of all harmful doshas through his divine power and his instant blessing and ensures great remedial measures by his spiritual guidance and through mantra siddi poojas.

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"Made for each other" is the main concept. While seeking the life partner compatibility factor is most important. If the compatibility report is positive they would further proceed for marriage.

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Any incurable diseases will affect you or the person in your family, and they suffer a lot by medicines and operations, and still didn’t get cure, get instant remedy by Swamiji’s blessings.