Necessity of a Guru

Nothing ever happens in the universe without the divine will. Man is merely an instrument and can never achieve success in any task whatsoever whether it is small or big without the divine grace. It is the divine will that prevails.

Raman Swamiji, the great spiritual master is the ever existing divinity, responding reading to the call of his devotees and yearning seekers.

Meditate on the peaceful divine form of the guru in the thousand-petalled white lotus in the head. Meditate on the delightful form of the guru with two eyes and two arms, the embodiment of god. Reciting his holy mantra in the morning meditate on guru blessing you with fearlessness. He grants boons to you blesses you with supreme consciousness.

Guru is holy, guru is truth, guru should be worshipped always as god. Do not at anytime tell a lie before the guru, for you will never attain the divine abode. Remain obedient to the venerable teacher, do not speak egotistic words. Disciple should be disciplined and chaste in their words and deeds.

The body should be kept in perfect health through yogic diet and positive thoughts, as the body is the means of attaining the four objectives of life, namely dharma (righteousness), artha (wealth), kama (love) and moksha (liberation). Equanimity, perfect health, gentleness, a pleasant order, scanty excretions, a radiant complexion, sweetness in voice, love and joy are the symptoms of devotion to God.

When creatures do not fear him, it is the indication that the devotee has attained pure love and perfection. Through guru grace "Dwell in the transcendental state every minute of life that will be the state of creative intelligence"

The purpose of our life, according to Great scriptures is to
  • Attain perfection
  • Attain self-realisation
  • Attain universal love
  • Humble the ego
  • See unity in diversity
  • Know and do the will of god
  • Serve selflessly
  • Be useful to society
  • Be kind and compassionate to all beings
  • See oneness, to see God!
  • Attain Sathguru-Kripa, the grace of Sathguru
  • Burn all our karmas.

Ask a question to Swamiji

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I am struggling by number of problems. I heard about your instant prayer miracle through thousands of people got spot solutions being benefited by spiritual and material wise.


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Whatever you desire will be fulfilled when you come here with full faith.

Sit quiet I will do the needful. I will take you to the goal.

Blessing & Divine Touch

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There is no bar of Caste or Race to secure the grace of Sri Swamiji. People of all castes and religions visited him and are being benefited materially as well as spiritually.

Marriage Problems

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"Made for each other" is the main concept. While seeking the life partner compatibility factor is most important. If the compatibility report is positive they would further proceed for marriage.

Business problems

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Everyone wants to get success in business. Even they tried a lot and do a hard work but due to some spiritual causes they cannot get success and they face the problems in running a business.

Life & Family Problems

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Any incurable diseases will affect you or the person in your family, and they suffer a lot by medicines and operations, and still didn’t get cure, get instant remedy by Swamiji’s blessings.