Modern Science and the subtle dimension

With the advancement of scientific technologies and inventions in the 21st century, people at large have lost faith in God, religion and spiritualism. Their lack of belief in the ancient Vedic system has been aggrandized by the numerous scandals involving charlatan yogis and spiritual seers in recent years. People of the world today are leaning towards atheism and gross materialism which are accepted as the norm and any kind of belief pertaining to the supernatural or God is considered regressive and backward within a civilization that considers itself to be advanced and forward looking. Essentially in the modern world, people are looking towards scientists to play the role of God. The modern scientists' claim they can explain the creation through a bunch of equations that represent a random event and the latest scientific inventions such as smartphones, driverless cars and numerous other inventions have bolstered their egos which in turn has led the larger populace to reject theistic paradigms.

But in spite of all their scientific advancements, scientists have not been able to create life in a laboratory or for that matter explain the untapped and inner powers of the subtle mind. There are numerous examples of individuals even today who can do miracles with their minds. The famous Uri Geller, who could bend spoons by looking at them, comes to mind in this regard. There are also innumerable yogis in the Himalayas who can execute miracles using subtle techniques such as chanting Vedic mantras and performing rituals and thus demonstrating subtle and mystic powers beyond the comprehension of ordinary mortals. The yogis claim that they have acquired these powers through years and years of penance and austerity. Walking on water, lying down on a hot bed of coal, producing things out of air etc. are some of the common miracles that people including myself have witnessed during our times. The fact is that the subtle dimension is beyond the gross conception of mankind. The exhibition of the subtle powers of the mind over matter opens immense possibilities and our Vedas are full of such amazing descriptions during the previous yugas. But owing to Kali Yuga, people in general have a poor conception of the subtle and spiritual and this has resulted in enhancement of the brand "Atheism".

The subtle art of Black Magic

The use of mantras and tantras for benefitting as well as harming mankind have been highlighted extensively in our Vedic scriptures especially the Rig Veda. One may wonder why mantras that can be used to cause harm to people are highlighted in our Vedic scriptures which are considered auspicious and holy. Well the answer is that the Vedas have provided mantras for killing enemies so that good can prevail over evil. But just as a kitchen knife can be used for cutting vegetables and simultaneously for harming somebody, similarly mantras and tantras can also be used for beneficial as well as harmful purposes. A classic example in Ramanyana is that of Indrajit, who using his black magic powers was able to bind the all-powerful Lord Hanuman. Similarly Arjuna was able to destroy many of his enemies on the battlefield of Kurukshetra by invoking the brahmastra hym. So the mantras and tantras in themselves are not evil or good but rather it is the intent of the individual that determines the ultimate causal effect as good or evil. The Rig Veda specifically describes various black magic arts and rituals that can be executed by individuals for destroying enemies. The goal of this article is to highlight black magic as a prevalent science in today’s modern world and the associated ill effects. But before we delve into the actual subject of black magic it is necessary to understand the reasons behind the indulgence of people in black magic.

Why people indulge in Black Magic?

In this degraded age of Kali Yuga, people have lost all sense of goodness. Rather ignorance is predominantly prevalent and this is one of the symptoms of Kali Yuga. Under such heightened sense of ignorance, negative feelings such as lust, anger, greed, illusion, madness and envy are predominant and have been referred in the Bhagavad Gita as the six kinds of sins:- kaama, krodha, lobha, moham, madham and matsaryam. It is quite interesting to note that the Bible also refers to the seven deadly sins which are quite similar to the ones enlisted in Bhagavad Gita. Under the influence of such petty feelings such as anger and jealousy people are resorting to black magic to create havoc in the lives of their perceived enemies. Such people may include our friends, relatives, kith and kin, distant relatives etc. who are not happy with our success and well-being. Since they themselves are not skilled in the art of black magic, they approach Mantriks/Tantriks who are experts in the art and craft of black magic. The Tantriks use such people for their own monetary remuneration and create black magic spells on innocent people under the behest of his miserable and wretched customers. Black magic as a topic has been discussed extensively within other religions such as Islam, Christianity, Judaism etc. There are different kinds of black magic performed in different parts of the world such as Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Japan, Europe and US. Different kinds of black magic also exist such as summoning of ghosts and spirits, Voodoo magic (piercing of dolls), Ashes of the dead etc. The list is quite endless and I am not a subject matter expert to be able to delve into these topics in a scholarly manner. Regardless of the type of black magic or the place it is performed in, the powerful Tantrik can penetrate the aura of the innocent victims and create powerful disturbances in their lives even though he or she is thousands of miles away from the victim. These disturbances in the lives of victims could manifest in the form of financial difficulties, legal hurdles, broken marriages, marriage hurdles, problems in having children, professional failures, organ failures, anxiety and depression, suicidal thoughts, feeling of constant exhaustion and disease and sickness with no cure. If the victim happen to be an atheist or somebody who does not believe in the subtle aspect of the world, then that works to the advantage of the Tantrik and his or her jealous enemies. The victim constantly tries to change his or her environment hoping that this period of bad luck will go away soon but unfortunately is unable to break away from the shackles of the black magic spells. In this way the victim is constantly surrounded by negative energies and eventually becomes helpless and hopelessly depressed with no solution in sight.

The remedy for Black Magic

Now the question arises as to how to get rid of these black magic curses. Obviously the solution is to approach a genuine Mantrik or Tantrik who can cure you of your problems through authentic ancient Vedic rituals. Such genuine Mantriks and Tantriks work solely for the welfare of the mankind with no personal motivation. They are free of the six vices we mentioned earlier and genuinely seek to provide peace and solace to individuals who are suffering from the pangs of black magic. But then how does one identify such a genuine person? Today the internet is abound with Tantriks and Mantriks who advertise themselves as solution providers for all kinds of black magic. Many of them may be charlatans and yet others might have malicious intentions that would create more problems in the life of the victim with the objecting of extorting money from them. This is a genuine challenge we are all facing in this dense age of Kali Yuga and I would like to herein highlight my personal story to reiterate my points.

I have been a victim of black magic for more than 20 years which amounts to two decades. My experiences with black magic began more than 20 years back when I started having frequent nightmares wherein I would envision ghostly dreams and negative energies. During those early years I faced many problems with regard to my career, financial situation and marriage in spite of the fact that I was highly qualified professionally and academically. For no rhyme or reason, my relatives and friends started avoiding me and I was being victimized at my office by my boss and colleagues. Since I was not aware of the existence of black magic back then, I tried resolving my problems by changing my circumstances and would often blame my own karma. After about 10 years of struggle, I started getting the feeling that something was not right and I am being subjected to black magic. This was confirmed by several individuals when I narrated to them about my nightmares and personal situation. In order to make sure that my personal situation was not the result of my past karma, I approached several genuine astrologers who confirmed that my horoscope charts indicate a robust financial condition, strong career prospects and a decent married life. This confirmed my suspicion that I have been a victim of black magic. Then began the arduous process of seeking a solution to my problems. I began approaching several Mantriks and Tantriks through referrals but to no avail. In fact one of them was quite malicious and he cast more spells on me and as a result my situation began to worsen. I was literally at my wits end beset with financial problems, health issues, broken marriage and a failing professional career. It was then I was referred to Swamiji by a good friend of mine. Initially I was a bit sceptical as I have had some very negative experiences with Mantriks and Tantriks but my good friend Sunil assured me that Raman Swamiji is a genuine person and narrated to me as to how Swamiji had helped him overcome obstacles due to black magic. As soon as I spoke to Swamiji, he assured me not to worry and agreed to do a puja for me for a moderate fee. Within a matter of weeks, I was able to find a job and achieve financial security. In fact I was flooded with job offers and I had a tough time deciding which one to choose. My faith in Swamiji increased considerably and requested him to do some pujas for my health and family situation which had deteriorated owing to years of black magic. Within a matter of few months my personal situation changed drastically with significant improvements in my professional career prospects, financial situation, personal life and overall physical and mental health. Through his special pujas, Swamiji created an aura of protective shield around me which prevented my enemies from doing more harm to me. Swamiji also provided some very sound advice with regard to my professional and personal situation. Most importantly he has restored my faith in the fact that there are still genuine well-wishers in this world which is by and large filled with hypocrisy and deceit. I am extremely grateful and indebted to Swamiji for his blessings and assistance. It would also be utterly selfish of me if I did not help others who have been victims of black magic like me. Hence I strongly recommend anybody who is suffering from black magic to approach Swamiji and seek his blessings. He is a noble soul who is interested in the welfare of people and world at large. Thousands of people all across the globe are benefactors of his blessings and pujas and their testimonials are proof of Swamiji’s noble stature and efficacy of his pujas.

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