Marriage Problems

Marriages are "Made in heaven", this means a marriage is a divine approval and blessings by Gods divine grace, then only one can get a right soul mate. Male and Female are two aspects and two sides of nature, so, both of them to be united is quiet nature. Otherwise there would be incompleteness in their life.

In a marriage two individuals joins in life, so that they can pursue Dharma (Duties), Astha (Possessions), Karma (Physical desires), Moksha (Ultimate spiritual release, and also it joins two families together.

Selecting a right soul mate is made only once in a life time, for that ancient rishis gave the astrological based consideration. So that parents to see the astrology report for the brides and grooms. "Made for each other" is the main concept. While seeking the life partner compatibility factor is most important. If the compatibility report is positive they would further proceed for marriage.

First every one wants to know

  • What type of marriage is possible
  • Is it right time for marriage
  • When will be the marriage
  • How will be the married life (Whether Happy or unhappy)
  • What is cause for delay in marriage
  • Second marriage
  • Why misunderstandings between husband and wife and leads to seperation or divorce
  • Possibility in love marriage or arranged marriage
  • Chances of plural marriage
  • Problems from family for accepting the partner

and we should deeply analyze the commaon problems before proceeding for marriage

Examination of planetary positions in both the bride and groom horoscope is important one. In that the ten kinds of poruthams (Kuthas) should be seen.

Important Poruthams are:

  • Dina porutham
  • Ganaporutham
  • Mahendraporutham
  • Stri Theergam
  • Yoni porutham
  • Rasi porutham
  • Rasiyathi porutham
  • Vasiya porutham
  • Rajju porutham
  • Vedai porutham

And also we should see the doshas that affect your marriage life.

Doshas are:

  • Kuja doshas
  • Rahu and Kethudoshas
  • Sani (Saturn) doshas
  • Kalasarpha (serphent) doshas
  • malefic doshas.

This can be solved and you get remedy from Swamiji by his divine blessings and poojas and you will get right soulmate and have a happy married life.

So swamiji will deeply analyze the bride and grooms nature and tell you whether marriage compatability is good or bad.

For that no horoscope, Date of birth, Birth details not required. Just ask swamiji and he will tell by his spiritual power through divine voice.