Kala Sarpa Dosham

Marriage is a landmark in life. It is an institution founded on love and affection. Marriage is not an institution for brute sense gratification. It is the basis of the family and its dissolution as well as formation is a matter of social interest. It is the mould out of which the future generation comes out. As per Indian Astrology, Marriage has been considered a sacrament and comprehends the equality of the partner in respect of dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha.

Eight types of marriages have been mentioned in "Manu Smriti". These are: Daiva, Brahma, Arisha, Prajapatiya, Asura, Gandarva, Rakshasa and Pisacha. The role of Astrology in finding out a suitable boy or girl for a happy marriage is quite important. The responsibility of the Astrologer in this regard is greater and more taxing than that of parents and other relatives. Physiological, psychological or other defects of the reproductive system can be detected by studying the individual birth charts (horoscopes). Life itself can become heaven or hell depending upon the state of one’s married life. Marriage is not based on any sentiment. But has religious, moral, social and scientific basis. Even though every on e knows that man’s destiny is preordained by the "guru" or the Bhagavan. Still people consult astrologers to found out about the prospective bride or bride groom, the time marriage and the state of married life.

First we find out the kinds of agreements and the verification of Nakshatras (constellations) and clear opinion about Dasavida poruthams (Kutas)and their significance. 1. Dina Kuta, 2. Gana Kuta, 3. Mahendra Kuta,  4. Sree Dirgha porutham, 5. Yoni Kuta, 6. Rasi Porutham, 7. Rasyadhipa porutham, 8. Rajju porutham, 9. Vedha porutham, 10. Nadi porutham, 11. Vasya porutham, 12. Varna kuta and have clear concept about Hamful Nakshatras and comman Janma Rasis, papa samayam and Dosha samayam and clear calculate ones about Dasa-sandhi, Sama Dasar, Sama Saptama and its effects, Maha naksharas – unity of minds and rectify the Sevvai dosham, Manglik doshas and Kala Sarpa Dosham, the degree of Sarpa dosha and Kaal Sarpa Yoga and follow the clear cut solutions based on remedial measures and find the MADE FOR EATH OTHER partners through horoscope matching by the divine Grace and Guru blessings.

  • How stars influence our marriage
  • How planets afflict your married life
  • How Grace influence happy and stable married life.

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"Made for each other" is the main concept. While seeking the life partner compatibility factor is most important. If the compatibility report is positive they would further proceed for marriage.

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