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I am struggling by number of problems given below. I heard about your instant prayer miracle through thousands of people who got instant solutions both in spiritual and material wise, so I want to submit my problems to your powerful sannidhanam 'Ananda Dwaraka of Chinnathirupathi'.

Over debts (Financial crisis)
Family problems
Husband and Wife problems
Marriage obstacle (Right time marriage)
To get children (Santhana Prapthi)
Love break and misunderstanding problems
Job problems (To get right placement)
Incurable Diseases
Fore Generation Curses
Professional Disturbances
Court and legal problems
Overseas Opportunities
Serpent curses
Family Dieties curses
Navagraha Doshas
Finance problems
Physical and Mental problems
Land and House problems
Bad spirit problems
Peace of Mind
Business loss and struggle
Educational obstacles
Bad luck and accidents
Unexpected luck and success

Other Information:

Marriage Problems

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"Made for each other" is the main concept. While seeking the life partner compatibility factor is most important. If the compatibility report is positive they would further proceed for marriage.

Business problems

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Everyone wants to get success in business. Even they tried a lot and do a hard work but due to some spiritual causes they cannot get success and they face the problems in running a business.

Life & Family Problems

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Any incurable diseases will affect you or the person in your family, and they suffer a lot by medicines and operations, and still didn’t get cure, get instant remedy by Swamiji’s blessings.