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Are you plagued with financial and mind related problems day in and day out?
Thousands of people have financially and psychologically benefited instantly from the divine blessings and grace of the all powerful "Ananda Dwaraka" prayers.
Submit your problems and gain instant relief from the superlative "Ananda Dwaraka" sannidhanam!


Prior to coming in contact with Swamiji through a good friend of mine, I was totally lost in the wilderness of Kali Yuga. I did not have a steady job for about 6 years and was suffering from frequent health problems. My financial situation was pretty abysmal. I used to get bad dreams frequently and bad luck was following me like my own shadow. Although I had a sense that I was under the influence of black magic, I was not able to get confirmation from many swamis and gurus I approached. In fact many of them were just interested in making money and that reduced my trust in them. Finally by the arrangement of providence, I was put in touch with Raman Swamiji through a good friend of mine. As soon as I spoke to him, I knew he had the solution to my problems. He not only confirmed that I was under the influence of black magic, he was also able to tell me exactly who was casting black magic on me. Immediately he performed some remedial pujas and within a matter of months I felt more energetic and optimistic. The negative energies started waning away. All of a sudden I was flooded with job offers and my financial situation improved dramatically. My health became robust and all those bad dreams in the night slowly faded away. It was nothing short of a miracle that Raman Swamiji's pujas were able to turn around my fortunes within a matter of months. I find Raman Swamiji's sincerity, dedication and a genuine desire to do good for the people of the world a very admirable trait which is very rare in this age of Kali Yuga. In this age of charlatans, fake yogis, exploitative gurus and money mongers, Raman Swamiji stands out as one of the iconic genuine gurus and well wishers. If you or anybody you know is suffering from persistent problems, I strongly recommend approaching Raman Swamiji. His powerful pujas and genuine blessings will dispel your sufferings almost immediately paving the way for your success and happiness.

Vijay Balan, California

I would like to share my experience regarding job problems I was facing nearly 6-12 months. I have been working in IT sector and been applying to all the jobs in my area. But unfortuantely I was not getting any job offers. I have contacted by job agencies and had several interviews in a row, but i could'nt see any job confirmation. It was pathetic situation for me, my savings has been spend and it was difficult to manage my expenses. A sense of fear and tension was there as to when will I get an job. To my utter surprise I was recommended to Raman swamijee by one of my friend in USA. I spoke to swamijee and told about my job problem. He helped and guided me with his wisdom, divine voice and performed poojas. Based on swamijee blessings and my faith I was getting many interviews and I was so suprised one sooner day I got an job offer with higher pay in a excellent fortune 100 company, this was one of the most memorable moment of my life and my wish came true. I 'm very thankful to swamjee for his knowledge and helped to get a better job. I will strong recommend if you have any such problems or any other issues please get in touch with swamijee. His blessings and faith can help you overcome any problems and you can have a better, happy and cheerful life.

Ashutosh, London, UK

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Pujya Sri Raman Swamiji
"Ananda Dwaraka"
Near Perumal Temple,
Chinna Thirupathi,
Salem-636008. Tamil Nadu, India.


092451-37161, 094432-37536


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I like to submit my problems to Ananda Dwaraka for instant prayer miracle

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